Evaluating legislation

Archbold Review Worth waiting for: The benefits of section 28 pre-trial cross-examination (2016) Download 
Department for Constitutional Affairs Evaluation of the impact of the reforms in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) (2003) Download report
Mapping civil appellate routes, contributing to the Bowman Report (1997)
Mapping the routes by which family cases arrive at the Court of Appeal, contributing to the work of the Family Appeals Review Group (1998)
Home Office Research into arrangements in other countries for people who wish to change gender (2003) Download report
‘A fair balance’? Evaluation of the operation of disclosure law (2001) Download report
Advisers to a team led by Ernst and Young, evaluating pilots in six areas in England and Wales to test delay reduction procedures introduced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (the Narey reforms) (2000)
Where are they now? An Evaluation of Sex Offender Registration in England and Wales (1999) Download report
Prison Service Preliminary Hearings: Video Links. Evaluation of Pilot Projects (1999) Download report
Evaluation of Video Link Pilot Project at Manchester Crown Court (2000) Download report
Department of Health Social Services Inspectorate A study of the timetabling of interim orders in care proceedings under the Children Act 1989 (1993)