INTERMEDIARIES are specialists who can be appointed by the court to assist communication with a vulnerable witness. In criminal proceedings, they can assist at police interview, trial or both. Intermediaries are officers of the court and do not act on behalf of the party calling the witness. A REGISTERED Intermediary has been trained and accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Lexicon has been involved with the intermediary scheme since its inception and evaluated the introduction of intermediaries to six pathfinder areas. See the evaluation report ‘The Go-Between’ here.

Our book Intermediaries in the criminal justice system is published by Policy Press and can be ordered here


“In the blink of an eye”, an article on the use of eye gaze equipment, is available here


“Dispensing with the safety net”, an article on whether the intermediary is really needed during cross-examination is available here


An article (March 2017) explaining the intermediary scheme to social workers is available here


Section 28 intermediary checklist available here



Lexicon analysed messages for the CJS from the Witness Intermediary Scheme SmartSite. See the report here.

A presentation by Lexicon on the work of intermediaries given in March 2017 at the Law Society in Toronto at a seminar organised by Communication Disabilities Access Canada can be viewed here