Department for Constitutional Affairs

Management of Freedom of Information requests in other jurisdictions (2003)
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Analysis of judicial needs for access to legal information and case law relating to the Human Rights Act 1998 (1999)

Her Majesty’s Courts Service

Evaluation of the Virtual Plea and Directions Hearing Pilot (2003)
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Studies concerning the provision of information technology to the judiciary (1997)

Her Majesty’s Courts Service Inspectorate

Development of a specification for a computer model of magistrates’ courts listing and caseflow management (2001)

Prison Service

Preliminary Hearings: Video Links. Evaluation of Pilot Projects (1999)
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Evaluation of Video Link Pilot Project at Manchester Crown Court (2000)
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The IT needs of litigators (1998)
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European Commission

Joint organisers of an international conference on courtroom technology at the University of Bologna funded under the Grotius Programme of the EC (2000)

Evaluation of the Smith Bernal real-time computer aided transcript system, Solution CIC (1992)
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