A guide for social workers to the profession that enables vulnerable witnesses to access justice (March 2017), available here 

Examples of flexibility agreed by the courts in respect of vulnerable witnesses and defendants (November 2017), available here

A consolidated list of previous examples of flexibility is available here

Judicial College Bench Checklist: Young Witness Cases (2012), available here

(Contributor to) Fairness in Courts and Tribunals (2012)

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Court Administration

Preparation of guidance on the working of the Crown Court and the county courts (2005)

Development of a video-based training pack, ‘Towards Safer Care’, aimed at raising the awareness of local authority personnel, employers and managers about the methods and profiles of paedophiles (1999)

Department of Health Social Services Inspectorate

Guidance for social workers entitled ‘Reporting to Court under the Children Act’ (1995, an updated version by Penny Cooper can be ordered from TSO by clicking here)

Adviser to a study aimed at producing guidance on improving bail decisions in England and Wales (2004)

Feasibility study on the development of materials to inform young defendants about the court process (2003)

Coordinators of the video/DVD ‘Giving Evidence: what’s it really like?’ to assist young witnesses to give evidence (2000)

Coordinators of the training video ‘A Case for Balance’, demonstrating good practice to judges and lawyers when children give evidence (1997)

Specification of the video to ‘A Case for Special Measures’ to raise the awareness of lawyers and judges about the needs and treatment of vulnerable witnesses (2002)