Collective redress (representative actions) in discrimination and equal pay cases (2009)
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Focus groups with magistrates and justices’ clerks on the preparation for and effective use of hearings by the Crown Prosecution Service. Findings reported in “Crown Prosecution Service: Effective use of magistrates’ courts hearings” (2006)
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Evaluation of the readiness of government departments to respond to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (2004)

Report of a survey of Local Criminal Justice Board Chairs (2003)
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Department for Constitutional Affairs

Evaluation of appellate work in the High Court and the county courts (2005)
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Review of the effectiveness of specialist courts in other jurisdictions (2005)
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Judges Case Management Perspectives: the views of opinion formers and case managers (2001)
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A study of information flows between different tiers of management within the courts system (1994)

A critical analysis of the work and deployment of High Court judges (1992)

Court Service

Evaluation of Flexible Plea and Directions Hearing Pilots (2003)
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A critique of Crown Court Plea and Directions Hearings (part of the Narey Review, 1997)

Advice on interpreting findings from a national survey of fast tracking projects in youth courts (1997)

Standing Commission on Efficiency in the Courts

Development of a management strategy to minimise delay at the Crown Court (1993)

Evaluation of a pilot case management project on timetabling care proceedings (1991)

Isle of Man General Registry

A study of case management and related issues in the Courts Division (2002)