Lexicon provides training to practitioners on all aspects of the operation of justice systems. It has trained the judiciary of more than 30 countries. For many years, Richard Woolfson and Joyce Plotnikoff have acted as Directors of Studies for courses on judicial administration aimed at judges, magistrates, prosecutors and court administrators from overseas. The courses place particular emphasis on case management, implementing change in the legal system, judicial ethics, the role of technology and preparing for computerisation.

Lexicon has developed and delivered tailored courses on the following topics:

  • ‘Access to Justice’ for the judiciary of Malaysia and the Republic of the Maldives
  • Youth Justice, for an international audience of magistrates and court administrators
  • Establishing a commercial court, for the judiciary of Ghana
  • Civil case management, for the judiciary and court managers of Barbados
  • Case management in civil, criminal and family matters, for the Maltese judiciary and court administrators
  • Case management, judicial independence and vulnerable witnesses for the National Judicial College of China
  • Criminal case management, for judges in the Yemen
  • Raising awareness of the dangers posed by child abusers in the workplace, for the Department of Health

Lexicon is a frequent contributor to conferences, seminars and training programmes at home and overseas.