Registered Intermediaries in action
Messages for the CJS from the Witness Intermediary Scheme SmartSite (2011)
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Measuring up? Evaluating implementation of government commitments to young witnesses. Results of a national survey of 182 young witnesses called to give evidence in criminal trials in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (2009)
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Evaluation of young witness support: examining the impact on witnesses and the criminal justice
system (2007)
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In their own words: The experiences of 50 young witnesses in criminal proceedings (2005)
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Evaluation and testing of the leaflet Giving a statement to the police (2003)

Membership of the team which produced  Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings (2002)

Options for improved support for victims and other witnesses attending magistrates’ courts(1997)
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Scoping study for a Young Defendants Pack (2002)
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Coordinators of the video/DVD ‘Giving Evidence: what’s it really like?’ to assist young witnesses to give evidence (2000)

Coordinators of the Young Witness Pack used in preparing children and young witnesses to give evidence (1998)
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Coordinators of the training video ‘A Case for Balance’, demonstrating good practice to judges and lawyers when children give evidence (1997)

Specification of the video ‘A Case for Special Measures’ to raise the awareness of lawyers and judges about the needs and treatment of vulnerable witnesses (2002)

Children in Court (1996)

A study of the pace of child abuse prosecutions since the Criminal Justice Act 1991 (1995)

Trials Issues Group

Development of a framework protocol relating to the exchange of information between agencies in matters involving intimidated or vulnerable witnesses

A comparison of the pace of child abuse prosecutions before and after implementation of the Criminal Justice Act 1991 (1993)